KANYOGA Flaxseed filled scented with Lavender oil, anti-stress eye pillow for relaxing yoga spa meditation with washable outer cotton cover

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Our Eye Pillows are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Filled with flaxseed; the weight of the flaxseeds is thought to provide the perfect amount of pressure to help reduce puffiness. A favorite of spa therapists, the eye pillows are also used in spas and massages to relax the eyes.


1. Size: L 21 x W 11 cm; Weight: 250 gram; Color: Lilac (reversible)

2. Filling: Flaxseed

3. Outer cover made of cotton 

4. The eye pillow is reversible, the front is printed with polka dot while the back is plain.

5. Scented with soothing Lavender oil

6. Washable outer cover