KANYOGA Hot & Cold Therapy Neck & Shoulder Wrap- (40 L X 15 W cm)

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Kanyoga's Anti-Stress Comfort Wrap is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. They are filled with tourmaline beads and can be used in the microwave and refrigerator. Perfect to soothe, relieve pain and the deknot the neck and back muscles. Can also be used for any part of the body. These can be used warm, cold or at room temperature.


1. Size: 40 L x 15 W cm, Weight: 1.07 kg, Color: Multi

2. Filling: 1 kg of Tourmaline beads

3. Can be used in microwave and refrigerator

4. Made of Cotton fabric

5. Removable washable outer cover made of cotton

6. Care info: Outer cover; Hand wash separately in cold water. Do not bleach, line dry. Warm iron if needed

Directions: Heat: Place in microwave and heat on high for maximum of 1 min. Cooling: Place in refrigerator until chilled to desired temperature.